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80 oz Btl,Type III Clr,Safety Ctd,Foil L

80 oz Btl,Type III Clr,Safety Ctd,Foil L

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  • Plastisol coats exterior of bottle retaining contents if bottle is accidentally broken
  • Non-slip coating allows for greater ease and stability when handling wet or dry
  • Made from clear soda-lime glass that conforms to USP Type III requirements
  • Autoclaving / sterilizing bottle is not recommended
  • Black Phenolic Aluminum Foil Lined Cap
  • Manufactured with jug handle for ease of use

SKU 220738
Height (mm) 295
Diameter (mm) 135
Glass Type Type III Soda-Lime
Cap/ Closure Size 38-439
Bottle Material Glass
Bottle Style Round
Bottle / Vial Style Round
Capacity (mL or oz) 2500mL or 80oz
Bottle Color Clear
Finish Type Screw Thread
Thread Finish 38-439
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80 oz Btl,Type III Clr,Safety Ctd,Foil L

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