The beginning of a new product line:

The lack of ready-to-use vials, stoppers and seals all in one kit, including USP certificates and Container Closure Integrity (CCI) testing leaves drug manufacturers, developers and compounders with limited sterile traceability and compatibility. Researchers in the pharmaceutical industry and compound pharmacies are left with long lead times and the lack of sterile traceability which results to a decrease in time-to-market.

For this reason DWK Life Sciences developed a product line known as CompletePAK® which is a range of primary packaging components that come ready-to-use and off the shelf which are customizable for any application. This reduces customer’s supply chain due to our one source solution capability. Each kit comes with specific United States Pharmacopeia (USP) certificates showing that the products meet or exceeds critical USP standards that are enforced by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). This kind of solution allows for our customers to focus on their core competency which is manufacturing, compounding and developing drug products.

"We've built our reputation on working with customers and understanding their applications and processes so we can provide proper solutions to their laboratory challenges"

  • Vial assemblies are sterilized and ready-to-use
  • Off-the-shelf product reduced lead times
  • Custom configuration kit for any application
  • Variety of component options
  • Comes with critical USP certifications
  • Container Closure Integrity (CCI) is available upon request
  • Equal amounts of components all in one box
  • Open vials, not evacuated
  • Quality management system
  • Face-to-face relationship
  • Pre & post sales support
  • Complimentary product offering



What is CompletePAK®?

CompletePAK® consists of ready-to-use packaging components that can be custom configured via our product configurator. CompletePAK® was developed to assure that there is a solution for every application.

Top 10 reasons why you should choose CompletePAK for your application:

  1. Products supplied ready-to-use
  2. Reduces lead times
  3. Focuses your efforts on core competencies
  4. Eliminates capital investments in equipment needed for cleaning and preparing glassware or plastic containers
  5. Frees up valuable clean room space
  6. Limits number of suppliers required to provide complete packaging product
  7. Improves quality
  8. Validated processes
  9. Saves valuable time and money while maintaining a high quality product and streamlining process
  10. One source for total packaging solutions


Cat. No. Description Qty./Cases
W986000-S 2mL Clear Sterile Serum Vial 210
W986001-S 5mL Clear Sterile Serum Vial 200
W986002-S 10mL Clear Sterile Serum Vial 158
Cat. No. Description Qty./Cases
W986003-S 13mm OmniFlex 3G Sterile Serum Stopper 230
W986004-S 13mm Ultra Pure Sterile Serum Stopper 230
W986005-S 13mm OmniFlex 3G Sterile Igloo Lyo Stopper 230
W986006-S 20mm OmniFlex 3G Sterile Serum Stopper 220
W986007-S 20mm Ultra Pure Sterile Serum Stopper 220
W986008-S 20mm OmniFlex 3G Sterile Igloo Lyo Stopper 220
Cat. No. Description Qty./Cases
W986009-S 13mm Sterile Flip Red Seal 230
W986010-S 13mm Sterile Flip Blue Seal 230
W986011-S 20mm Sterile Flip Red Seal 220
W986012-S 20mm Sterile Flip Blue Seal 220

Available in quantities of 2 or less. Call for quantities of 3 or more.