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DURAN Baffled Bottle GLS80 500ml w/cap

DURAN Baffled Bottle GLS80 500ml w/cap

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DURAN® Baffled Bottle GLS80 0.5L w/cap

During mixing in standard GLS 80® laboratory bottles, the liquid moves in a swirling motion that approximates a solid-body rotation. This is a very inefficient flow pattern, and very little mixing actually occurs. By adding three vertical baffles into the inner surface of the GLS 80® bottles, the swirling motion is disrupted and an improvement of the top-to-bottom circulation occurs which produces a greater radial and more effective mixing.

SKU 212864457
Quantity/Pack 1
Capacity(mL) 500 mL
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DURAN Baffled Bottle GLS80 500ml w/cap

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