Laboratory Products

Laboratory Products

At Wheaton, we have tremendous respect for those individuals that seek answers, they that dedicate their lives to science. It is this respect and admiration that has motivated us and inspired us to manufacture and supply laboratories with essential equipment for 125 years. With this respect and admiration in mind, Wheaton offers an extensive selection of products for use in laboratory settings either for educational or commercial settings.


Wheaton has a variety of products for those labs seeking to stock their labs with the appropriate instruments. There are an assortment of bioreactors and incubators. We have magnetic stirrers and overhead stirrers. We also have bar code scanners for specimen tracking and inventory purposes. There are also a number of various pumps and dispensing accessories for general laboratory use.

Bioreactors and Incubators

Bioreactors are available in a variety of sizes ranging between 250 milliliters to 45 liters. Within our line we have a cell optimizer system, mini-pilot plant, and a spinner type of bioreactor. They are modular, turnkey and easy to use cell cultivation devices.

Whether you need to perform a temperature dependent study or observe and record cell cultivation, our selection of incubators will provide you with the place to perform your work. Our incubators come in a few different sizes to fit the space you have to work with. Our incubators also come with the CO2 option or standard type. They have configurable shelving options and have flush mount floors as well as caster tracks for easy use with the roller culture apparatus.

Magnetic Stirrers

Our line of magnetic stirrers are designed for general mixing use and cell culture studies. They are smooth ramping and low heat dissipating units that would be ideal for use in an incubator or sensitive cultures. We also have different sizes available to help your lab's space needs. Additionally, our line of magnetic stirrers comes with the ability to position a maximum of up to 4 bottles.

Barcode Scanners

Wheaton offers solutions for maintaining sample integrity. Our cryogenics line offers freestanding Wheaton CryoElite Vials. In addition to these vials you may be interested in the optional 2D Data Matrix Bar Code Inserts that allow an immediate coding of the sample that provide added integrity to your sample. The bar codes are guaranteed never to duplicate. With these products in mind, a line of scanning devices have been made that can scan 1D linear bar codes as well as the 2D matrix bar codes. There are also open bottomed storage solutions for these vials and scanners that can scan and read the individual bar code of each vial stored within the storage box known as Wheaton’s KeepIT boxes.


We have Peristaltic Pumps and dispensing accessories for performing cell culture, media transfer, harvesting, environmental sampling, common laboratory liquid usage, packaging, and other various types of container filling.

More Laboratory Equipment

Supplementary to our line of instruments is our product line of equipment used in common, day-to-day purposes such as glassware and closures for different glass containers from vials to flasks. We have filters and stoppers, pipettes and staining ware. Whether your laboratory requires products for lyophilization or cryogenics, our supply of lab products will be able to fill your needs.

Other Miscellaneous products

We carry an assortment of vacuum filtration products. We have a variety of different filter sizes, support styles and flask/bottle connections with plenty of parts for replacement as need be.

When you need to transfer liquids with highly measured precision we carry many different types of pipettes and pipette accessories. We carry manual as well as electronic pipettes, multi-channel pipettors, re-usable syringes, and more. Each one has its own serial number and passes performance and quality control assessments and receives an individual certificate for passing our quality control test.

Wheaton, a Name to Trust

At Wheaton, we have the quality and reputation that your lab should seek. Our company has touched the timeline and left its own mark on it. During World War II Wheaton produced the only serum bottles used during the war. Back in 1970, Wheaton formed an instrument group to begin producing hand cappers, magnetic stirrers, and suspension culture flasks. At our centennial celebration, President Ford delivered our keynote address. In 1990, we began introducing computerized bioreactors and microprocessor controlled dispensers. We have a long standing presence in this field. With this standing and the positive reviews from long-term clients you should feel at peace, knowing that Wheaton is a reliable manufacturer and supplier for your laboratory’s product needs.

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