Here is how the trade in program works…

  1. Look around your lab for those old, nasty pipettes that no one uses any longer. All brands of pipettes are accepted. When you find them, look at the chart below to determine the DWK Life Sciences Catalog Number to order for your replacement. Complete your order using the item number from the chart below, and then fill out this form to begin the trade-in process. After you have completed the form provided in the link above please send it in, along with your old pipettes, to DWK Life Sciences within 30 days of receiving your new pipettes. If you need more information on Socorex Pipettes, click here to watch a short video.



If you have any questions, please call or email DWK Life Sciences Customer Satisfaction Expert

Jodi Reed – or call 800-225-1437 ext. 4212


Disclaimer: Offer valid in North America only. Offer valid for one trade-in pipette for one new pipette. Offer can be used up to 8 times per customer. If trade-in pipettes are not returned within 30 days, customer will be charged full retail price. Customer must clean and decontaminate all old pipettes before shipping. Customer responsible for all shipping costs. MLA pipettes cannot be returned as a trade in. Offer valid in North America and Mexico. Not for resale. Offer cannot be combined with other DWK Life Science promotions.