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Rotation Alarm, Factory, Mod

Rotation Alarm, Factory, Mod

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Protects your cells and process! The Wheaton Battery Backup System is designed to be installed in either the Modular or Cost Buster Roller Culture Apparatus. The system monitors the AC power and automatically switches between battery power and AC power as needed. The system will provide 24 hours of auxiliary power to the motor. This system can be used to rotate the roller vessels during transport to and from the warm room or incubator. The system consists of two long-life sealed batteries, an automatic charger system, and an independent speed control which can be preset to maintain a bottle speed of approximately 25% of full speed during the lose of the primary voltage.Charger Specifications:Recharge time is 8 hours for discharged batteries, shorter for partially discharged batteries. Charger automatically monitors temperature and adjusts charge voltage for correct charging levels at elevated incubator temperatures.

  • Protects cells during power outages
  • Provides a minimum of 24 hours of auxiliary power
  • Can be used to rotate vessels during transport to harvest area

SKU 349011
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Equipment Category Rollers
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Rotation Alarm, Factory, Mod

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