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25 mL Flask, Round Bottom, 20-400 Thd

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Components in the Semi-Micro Kit are sized comparably to standard taper 19/22 glassware but have been designed for use with grease-free Wheaton Connections®. They are ideal for schools and universities because there is no need to change existing textbook methods. These kits are also ideal for industrial applications such as medicinal chemistry.
  • Safe. Working on a microscale means less exposure to toxic and radioactive materials and possible carcinogens.
  • Environmentally friendly. Disposal problems are greatly reduced because fewer chemicals are needed.
  • Economical. The consumption of expensive chemicals can be cut drastically.
  • Breakage from frozen joints is eliminated. Disposable vials can be used for reaction vessels.
Components are assembled with grease-free, screw-threaded Wheaton Connections®. Wheaton Connections® that are made from phenolic have a working temperature of up to 180Â
SKU 439195
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