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Custom Glass Capability

WHEATON Custom Glass has been dedicated to serving customers for 21 years. Over time we have developed a reputation for process quality, dependability, and flexibility in handling custom and overflow jobs. We primarily use Duran/Schott Glass, which is known for its quality. We have the expertise to create unique pieces to serve the needs of your business, whether designed for aesthetics, functionality, or just to meet your exact specifications.

At WHEATON Custom Glass, we have a wide range of capabilities. The following list serves as a sampling of our capabilities and is not a comprehensive list. If you are looking to fulfill a glass need that is not listed on this site, please contact us directly. We pride ourselves in being able to provide top quality service, versatility, and dependability to our customers.

Contact DWK Life Sciences to get your project started by calling 800.225.1437 or emailing US.Customerservice@dwk.com


Wheaton Custom Glass cuts glass with the precision the industry requires. Pieces of glass can be cut to exact dimensions without the worry of excess or waste.


The process of grinding creates flat surfaces that make it easy to join components together. This reduces the time and cost needed to achieve advanced processes at any facility.

Step Grinding

Step Grinding is the process of grinding into the wall of a glass fitting without going through. It creates a small step in the lip of the fitting that can be used to produce a more efficient seal.


Polishing creates a smooth finish which is ideal for components that have exposed edges. It is an economic and efficient alternative to grinding.


Beveling creates angles on glass pieces that meet customer needs and specifications. Wheaton Custom Glass has the ability to bevel both the inside and outside diameter of glass pieces to provide as uniquely a beveled edge as desired.


Sandblasting creates a matte appearance on glass pieces which is often referred to as "frosted." This process gives glass the unique finish that may be required for specific applications.


Wheaton Custom Glass has the ability to cleanly drill holes into glass which is often necessary when working with hanging glass pieces as well as in lighting applications.


Lathe work is available for scientific, artistic, and architectural applications. Wheaton Custom Glass specializes in a variety of techniques including round-bottoming, flat-bottoming, flaring and custom apparatus work.