WHEATON Custom Glass has been dedicated to serving customers for 21 years. Over time we have developed a reputation for process quality, dependability, and flexibility in handling custom and overflow jobs. We primarily use Duran/Schott Glass, which is known for its quality. We have the expertise to create unique pieces to serve the needs of your business, whether designed for aesthetics, functionality, or just to meet your exact specifications.

At WHEATON Custom Glass, we have a wide range of capabilities. The following list serves as a sampling of our capabilities and is not a comprehensive list. If you are looking to fulfill a glass need that is not listed on this site, please contact us directly. We pride ourselves in being able to provide top quality service, versatility, and dependability to our customers.


Wheaton Custom Glass has the capacity to handle overflow work as customer's operations demand.


A variety of coatings are available including silverization and heat resistant coatings.


Silanization is a process which creates a chemical reaction in the surface of the glass. This translates into a non-stick surface for liquids and powders which reduces the amount of liquid left in a container and eliminates a meniscus when measuring exacting amounts.


We can provide particulate cleaning, sterile cleaning, surface cleaning, EPA cleaning, and TOC cleaning.


Tempering is a process that heats the glass for a specific amount of time to release certain atoms. This provides a stronger level of heat resistance than normal glass.


Lamination combines different sizes of tubing to achieve custom outside diameter / inside diameter combinations.

Screening and Decaling

Screening and decaling is the process of printing directly onto the glass. This allows company logos or measuring information to be placed on any glass product.


Wheaton Custom Glass has the ability to meet most customization needs based on customer specification. Shipping and packaging requirements can be met.


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