Cell Culture

Q. Will the Celstir Spinner Flasks function with other manufacturer's magnetic stirrers?
A. The Celstirs function with major manufacturer’s magnetic stirrers.

Q. How can I attach a pipe through the sidearm to add/remove media?
A. Silicone stoppers that fit the Celstirs with 45mm sidearms are available with 0, 1, 2 and 3 holes (¼” diameter). Also available are open-top caps to secure the stopper to the sidearm.

Q. Can I sterilize the staining dishes/jars using an autoclave?
A. No. However, they can be dry heat sterilized (except for units with plastic caps). They must be put into the oven when it is at room-temperature, and they must be allowed to cool in the oven before removal. The staining dishes/jars can be heated to 500°C.

Q. Does WHEATON offer a staining dish made from borosilicate glass?
A. Not at the present time.

Q What type of stainless steel are the slide racks made from?
A. The slide racks are manufactured from 304 stainless steel.

Q. What type of fuel should be used in an alcohol burner?
A. There are 3 fuels generally used; 90% ethanol, 50% isopropyl or 100% methanol. Isopropyl is the safest of these fuels.