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Pipettes & Bottle Top Dispensers

Q. Can I use the Acura 501 Dispenser to dispense chloroform?
A. Yes. Please check the Chemical Resistance Chart found in the Dispenser section in our catalog for more compatibilities.

Q. Can I fill a tray of vials using the Acura 520 Dispenser without removing the vials from the rack?
A. It is possible with the optional Extension Tubing (844024). The extension tubing allows filling up to a distance of 600 mm (23.5”) from the dispenser.

Q. I disassembled my 20mL Calibrex Dispenser for cleaning and now that it is reassembled, it doesn’t draw up liquid.
A. The most common reason for this is that the outlet valve (located behind the dispensing nozzle) was reinserted backwards. Try reversing the valve. This should correct things.

Q. Can replacement parts for my WHEATON pipettor be purchased directly from WHEATON?
A. Replacement parts are only sold through our distributors. A listing of our distributors can be found on our web site.

Q. How can I get my pipettor fixed? Does WHEATON repair their pipettors?
A. We have a Repair Service that can repair Socorex brand pipettors. Our Technical Service Group can provide you with information for returning your pipettor. Please contact them at 800-225-1437.

Q. The tips our lab uses fit loosely on the Acura multi-channel pipettor. Is there a fix to this problem?
A. The pipettor is equipped with a feature called a “JusTip” for tip ejection. It will be necessary to adjust this for the tips to fit properly. The operating manual will explain how.

Q. I would like to designate some of my pipettors for a particular use in the lab. Do you have any suggestions?
A. We offer colored caps (Smarties) that snap into the plunger button on the top of the pipettor. All the designated pipettors can have the same color Smartie.

Q. I would like to pipette using a glass Pasteur pipette tip. Which WHEATON pipettor can I use?
A. Our 5mL Acura (W810316) and 5mL Acura Electro (W870920-A) when used with adapter W820023 will work with glass Pasteur pipette tips. Also, our 2mL Calibra (851340), which comes supplied with an adapter, can be used with Pasteur pipette tips.

Q. The plunger button on my old Acura pipettor has separated from the unit and I can’t thread it back on. Can you provide any suggestions?
A. The plunger button has a left-hand thread and must be turned counterclockwise in order to reattach.