Q. Can the plastic Cryogenic Vials be stored in the liquid phase of liquid nitrogen?
A. We do not recommend storage directly in contact with the liquid phase, only in the gas phase.

Q. Can WHEATON manufacture custom glass vials? Can I get WHEATON products packaged to meet my specific requirements?
A. Yes to both questions. WHEATON’s premium services offering includes custom containers and custom packaging, bar coding, critical cleaning, surface treatment and pre-weighed containers.

Q. Why doesn’t WHEATON manufacture round bottom skirted CryoELITE Cryogenic vials?
A. Our key reason for not having skirted round bottom is due to the high recovery design of our freestanding cryovials. As compared with many vials on the market, our freestanding vials do not have a true, deep V’d conical bottom. Instead, the vials have a shallow V’d bottom, which allows samples to be spun at low speeds if necessary, but provides a better ability for complete sample recovery. We have found that the available round bottom vials with a skirted bottom do not provide a stable free standing vial.

Q. What is the maximum vial size that will fit into the Cryule Vial Freezer Boxes?
A. 651490 => 12.5 mm diameter x 38 mm tall.
    651492 => 12.5 mm diameter x 50 mm tall.

Q. What is the maximum vial size that will fit into the CryoFile and CryoFile XL Storage Boxes?
A. CryoFile => 12.5 mm diameter x 50 mm tall.
    CryoFile XL => 12.5 mm diameter x 95 mm tall.