WHEATON accepts its environmental responsibility and in doing so is committed to improve the well-being of our Customers, our Community, and our Associates by seeking ways to improve our "Going Green" commitment through the following initiatives: Single Stream Recycling provides collection of paper, plastic and aluminum using only one container; which reduces the number of containers needed for recycling while also reducing air pollution from having to transport multiple containers to the recycling facility. Food waste containers are provided to separate single stream recycling from what goes to the landfill.

Glass Recycling 90% of all glass used in our manufacturing processes is recycled

Corrugate Recycling 95% of corrugated cartons used in all our facilities are recycled..

Utilization of "Green Seale" Cleaning Products meets the Green Seale Environmental Standard for industrial and institutional cleaning based on its reduced human and aquatic toxicity. WHEATON supplies their cleaning service company with Green Seale cleaning products for cleaning their offices and warehouse.

Steel Recycling Obsolete equipment, steel shelving and other steel waste are recycled through an approved steel recycling vendor.

Eco-Friendly Fluorescent Tubes All fluorescent light tubes containing mercury have been replaced with eco-friendly tubes and spent tubes are recycled through an approved vendor.

Energy Efficient Light Fixtures are currently being implemented along with timers and sensors to reduce our energy (electricity) consumption.

Battery Recycling is extended to our Associates to recycle home batteries through the Company recycling effort which reduces the waste stream throughout our communities.

Oil Waste Recycling All oil waste from our plant operations is recycled through an approved vendor.

Used Printer Cartridges Desktop printer cartridges are recycled through local recycling acceptance centers, such as Staples. Larger cartridges that have a mail back recycling label (HP) are repackaged and mailed to the vendor's recycling center.

Reduce Diesel Emissions We have achieved a 92% diesel emissions reduction with the shut- down of unnecessary idling engines at our shipping and receiving docks.

Fork Lift Trucks Emission We remove all propane powered forklifts from our facilities resulting in a 100% reduction of air pollution from propane powered industrial vehicles.

CRT Monitors that have been replaced with new monitors are taken to the County Recycling center in Vineland, NJ for recycling. WHEATON has been ISO 14001 certified for environmental management since 2004. We actively recycle and eliminate environmental hazards while continuing to find ways to improve and sustain our commitment to our "Going Green" Initiative.