WHEATON Packaging Sellsheets - page 10

Crimp / Serum
Bottles & Vials
Product Highlights
Made of Polypropylene (PP) or High Density
Polyethylene (HDPE)
USP Type I clear and amber borosilicate glass
Excellent resistance to stress cracks and impact
Amber meets USP for UV light protection
Virtually eliminates breakage
Superior barrier properties with low extractables and
pH stability
Highest resistance to thermal shock making it
applicable for Lyophilization (Freeze Drying)
HDPE: Widely used for animal health products and
storage of non-medical products
Radiused corners and shoulders
PP: Ideal for use in diagnostic kits
Long-term seal integrity
Methods of sterilization:
PP: autoclave and EtO HDPE: EtO and irradiation
Shrink-wrapped modules
Custom configurations available upon request
Methods of sterilization: autoclave, dry heat and EtO
Lot controlled
Custom configurations available upon request
Lot controlled
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