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E-Z Ex-Traction
High Recovery Vials
Product Highlights
Conical interior provides increased content retrieval
over flat bottomed vials
Shrink-wrapped modules in plastic corrugated trays to
reduce particulate
More economical than other high recovery vials
Methods of sterilization: autoclave, EtO and dry heat
USP Type I borosilicate glass
Custom configurations available upon request
Screw thread finish for resealability
Lot controlled
Available in 2, 4, 8, 10 and 20mL sizes
E-Z Ex-Traction Vials feature a revolutionary design that provides greater ease of handling,
increased product recovery and improved storage capacity. A patented outer bottom configuration
differentiates it from other vials enabling easy use with racks and automated equipment. The
bottom well is manufactured to tight tolerances with a constant depth and shape, critical for
automated systems that can be damaged by irregularities in vial dimensions. The interior walls
transition smoothly into the conical well at the bottom preventing loss of product that would be
trapped by irregularities. In addition, the high recovery conical bottom ensures the increased
retrieval of valuable product.
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