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V Vial
High Recovery Vials
Product Highlights
Conical interior provides maximum content retrieval
Fire glazed bottom reduces particulates in
manufacturing process
Heavy wall design for added safety and protection
Bulk packaged in shrink-wrapped low particulate
cellular trays
USP Type I borosilicate glass
Methods of sterilization: autoclave and dry heat
Superior barrier properties with low extractables and
pH stability
Custom configurations available upon request
Available in crimp / serum finish and screw thread
Lot controlled
V Vials
are ideal for small scale reactions, centrifugation, storage,
packaging and shipping of vital samples. The conical interior provides downward drainage for
maximum sample retrieval. Low particulate packaging protects against contamination during
transportation and storage. Clear vials conform to USP Type 1 and ASTM E 438 Type 1, Class
A requirements. Amber vials are made from amber borosilicate glass that conforms to USP
Type 1 requirements for light transmission to protect light-sensitive products. Vials are available
graduated or non-graduated, as well as with the option for screw thread or crimp / serum finish.
Closures for either finish can be purchased separately.
The steep conical V interior bottom provides exceptional downward drainage while allowing
maximum retrieval of contents by syringe. V Vials are perfect for specialty pharma, biotech,
pharmaceutical and diagnostics packaging applications.
NextGen V Vials are manufactured from heavy wall, low extractable, borosilicate glass providing
excellent chemical resistance and durability during packaging and transportation.
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