WHEATON Packaging Sellsheets - page 42

Screw Closures
Product Highlights
Screw closure materials are offered in Phenolic,
Urea and Polypropylene
Closure sizes range from 8-425 to 70-400
Wide selection of closure liners
Closures, other than those listed, can be requested by
contacting WHEATON
Custom configuration available upon request
In the case of glass diagnostic bottles and vials, it is important to know that when you are using
a screw thread container with a stopper, you must use a container with a controlled ID. This
will ensure the proper fit of the stopper in the vial. In most cases when using a screw thread
container with a stopper, you will need to use a thin flange stopper with an unlined closure.
The flange thickness allows for the closure to fit securely over the stopper while properly seating
on the threads.
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