WHEATON Packaging Sellsheets - page 8

Product Highlights
Ideal for packaging diagnostic standards and controls
Stems can be pulled or tip sealed
USP Type I clear and amber low extractable
borosilicate glass
Prevents cross contamination
Optional pre-scored ampules to eliminate filing
Methods of sterilization: autoclave, dry heat and EtO
For biological product preservation
Custom configurations available upon request
Allows storage at low temperatures
Can be used in gas phase of liquid nitrogen
Ideal for small volume storage
Ideal for freeze drying
WHEATON ampules are all glass containers designed to be hermetically sealed to preserve
purity and extend content shelf life. WHEATON ampules are ideal for standards packaging,
environmental and diagnostic standards, lyophilization and cryogenic storage. Ampules protect
against sample contamination due to their tamper-evident seal. A gold band on the stem of the
ampule indicates that the ampule is pre-scored to facilitate snapping off the top of the ampule
eliminating the need to file the ampule.
WHEATON ampules are offered in sizes ranging from 1 to 50mL capacity. WHEATON offering
includes pre-scored, standard, glass Cryule
cryogenic ampules and Vacule
ampules. WHEATON can also design a custom ampule to fit your special requirements.
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