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Providing chromatographers with the solutions they need,

MicroLiter offers autosampler vials with three closure options

and two formats. Closure options include Screw Thread, Crimp

Top and Snap Cap, while formats include standard 12 x 32mm

and µLVials®.

Available Packaging Options

MicroLiter understands that autosampler vials and consumables

must fit into the process flow. Thus, MicroLiter autosampler

vials, caps, septa and inserts are available in a variety of formats,

individually, component kits or assembled kits.

Vials with Limited Volume Inserts installed decreases the prep

time per sample.

Component kits offer the convenience of one product number

for the vial, cap and septa. Components are packaged to work

with the unique MicroLiter Dispenser.

Assembled kits are shipped with the septa installed in the cap

and the cap screwed on the vial.

All Vials Are Cleaned

All MicroLiter Vials are cleaned and repackaged in a certified

Class 10,000 clean room, thus eliminating particulate

contamination that occurs in standard post-production

packaging and delivery.

The Industry’s Most

Versatile Autosampler Vials


MicroLiter offers the inserts you need for your process flow: flat

bottom, pulled point and plastic spring loaded. Sized to fit the

inside diameter of the vial neck, MicroLiter inserts stay vertical

in the vial and offer the maximum opening of any insert on the

market. All inserts are manufactured of Type 1 borosilicate glass or

100% virgin medical grade polypropylene.

Pulled-Point Inserts offer a consistent performance and prevent

blunt-point syringe needles from sealing against the bottom of

the insert, resulting in autosampler failure.

Plastic Spring Inserts offer a mandrel point with a plastic spring

to ensure that the entire injection volume is achieved.

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CTC Analytics Headspace PAL®

CTC Analytics LC PAL®

CTC Analytics HTC & HTS PAL®


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