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Natural Ergonomics
The Acura
offers shape, balance and working ergonomics resembling those
of a manual instrument. But comfort is greatly improved, thus pipetting and result
consistency are outstanding.
Unique “Right or Left” Display Reading
Display converts instantly to right or left side reading. All information is clearly presented
and visible at a glance during programming, pipetting and calibration steps.
Variable Working Speed
Located on the front side, speed selector allows swift change even during the pipetting
process. In addition, slow speed access at any time by gentle touch of start button
Pipetting Cycle Counter
A simple double click gives access to the number of pipetting cycles performed since
last zeroing.
Tip Ejection - Easier Than Ever
Maximal efficiency obtained with a large surface, ergonomically located ejector button.
The shaft height adjustment system called Justip™ (4mm span) - controlled by efficient
click-stops - allows a wide selection of tips to tightly fit the nozzle.
The multichannel bowed shape ejector head permits effortless, sequential tip ejection.
Nozzle Protection Filter
Macro models accommodate a filter protecting instrument against liquid overflow and
contamination. Located in the nozzle, it can be removed and changed easily.
Pasteur Pipette - Straw Tip Adapters
Optional accessories fit 2mL glass Pasteur pipettes or 5mL straw tip instead of
Polypropylene tips.
Optimal Working Position
360° rotation of multichannel volumetric modules allows selection of the best
working position.
Time Efficient Maintenance
Pipette construction limits maintenance to a minimum - no tool required to remove
volumetric module. The pipetting cycle counter facilitates maintenance monitoring.
Whenever sterilization is needed,volumetric modules can be autoclaved at 121°C/250°F.
Initial Package
Recommended when purchasing an Acura
for the first time, each initial
package contains one electronic pipette, QC certificate and operating instructions,
charging stand, power supply, additional battery pack, pipette tips samples. Thereafter,
additional pipettes can be purchased alone and charged on existing stand.
Scroll through mode selection by pressing a single button.
Forward Mode
Aspiration and pipetting of set volume. Suitable for all applications.
Reverse Mode
Aspiration in excess, followed by dosing of set volume. Enhances reproducibility below 20µL. Especially
recommended for viscous and foaming liquids.
Stepper Mode
Tip filling and step-by-step distribution. Best suited to aliquot samples.
Dilution Mode
Aspiration of 2 or 3 different volumes for restitution in one shot. An easy way to dilute samples.
Tactile Mode
“Start and stop” liquid measurement, titration and gel loading by simple touch of activation button.
“Up and down” liquid flow in the tip / vial.
Electronic Pipette
Great Built-in Flexibility
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