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Polycarbonate (PC) Flasks

Ideal replacement for glass and other Erlenmeyer /

Shaker Flasks

Patented DuoCAP


allows sterile air exchange or leak

resistant seal

Minimize oxidation or pH shifts

Perform aerobic/anaerobic culture

Available with septum cap for pathogen containment

Re-autoclavable, resuable

Indvidually packed in easy tear bags

Sterile to SAL 10


Shake Flasks & Clamps



Erlenmeyer Shake Flasks

Wheaton Erlenmeyer Flasks are certified pyrogen-, DNase- and RNase-free and are packaged particulate free and wrapped

in an easy tear, sterile bag. WHEATON Flasks are ideal for all suspension cell cultures, including baculovirus, microbial

and algae cultures, as well as media preparation, storage and all related applications. WHEATON Flasks fit all standard

shaking incubator systems and can be placed on any platform. In addition, WHEATON offers Shaker Flask Clamps for use

with our flasks.



Polycarbonate by Sabic

Lexan Polycarbonate resin is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic, characterized by outstanding mechanical, optical,

electrical and thermal properties. The Lexan resins utilized by WHEATON environmentally confirm to flame retardant

standards, are scratch resistance, with a toughness and heat resistance that ensures biocompatible and optical quality.

WHEATON products made with the Lexan polycarbonate resin are compliant with stringent FDA and USP requirements.

Based on these properties and their inert nature, the media bottles and shaker flasks are ideal packaging vessels. All

products are manufactured in a Class 10K clean room.

The polycarbonate products are supplied gamma irradiated sterilized (SAL >10


). All products are packaged and produced

in a clean room controlled environment and do not need to be rinsed prior to first use. Consequently, all WHEATON Lexan

polycarbonate (PC) containers are a safer alternative to glass. WHEATON polycarbonate Erlenmeyer flasks can withstand

repeated autoclaving and are optimal for all microbial culture.