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The Industry’s Most Versatile Autosampler Vials

MicroLiter, a WHEATON Brand, offers proven autosampler vials and consumables for the chromatographer. Meeting the requirements of customers’ demands, MicroLiter offers cleaned vials designed to allow more reliable transfer of samples from the prep lab to the autosampler.

The Correct Vial for your Autosampler

MicroLiter understands the specifications of the autosamplers we support. Thus, MicroLiter denotes autosampler compatibility so that you know you are receiving vials that work with your autosampler.

Certified Clean Vials are Essential to Your Results

All vials may appear to be created equal, but quality and performance make the difference when analyzing vital samples. MicroLiter vials are cleaned and packaged in a certified Class 10,000 clean room according to a designed process, developed to eliminate chromatographic errors associated with vials. Critical physical dimensions are fully tested, as well as chemical cleanliness testing to ensure that trace levels of residues are not present. The result of this process are identical, clean, dependable vials, certified to ensure optimal performance and reproducible results.

The Optimal Closure for your Sample

MicroLiter offers the closures and septa you need for your sample, with a wide variety of septa material options available. The unique MicroLiter Dispenser maintains closure and septa cleanliness, and helps reduce handling of the packaging.


DIMENSIONAL TESTSVials are measured to ensure all important dimensional aspects are identical, and are optimized for autosampling applications. Important dimensional tests performed include vial height, width, wall weight, neck length and closure requirements.

CLASS 10,000 CLEANROOM PACKAGEDMicroLiter vials are cleaned and packaged in a continuously monitored Class 10k cleanroom environment, maintained in an ISO 9001 registered facility. This ensures that all vials are particulate free, virtually eliminating the risk of analytical errors possible from the vial.

THIRD PARTY CLEANINESS TESTThe MicroLiter certification process is rigorously tested by an independent testing laboratory, verifying that the cleaning process has resulted in a particulate free vial. The quality standards that that customers have come to expect from MicroLiter is now proven and available with an official certification document.