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“Separate from the Real World and Come Play in Ours:” New Online Resource Offers Lively Mix of Chromatography News, Peer and Technical Support, Games and Giveaways
Visit Booth 313 at ASHG 2014 to Learn More about Chromatography World and WHEATON’s Wide Selection of Purpose-Built Closures, Containers and Custom Solutions

October 14, 2014, Millville, NJ – WHEATON today announced the launch of Chromatography World, a new online resource designed to educate, inform and entertain users of chromatography, a widely-used set of technologies to separate out the individual components of complex mixtures. Chromatography World is a one-stop portal that includes news of relevant scientific and technological advances, information on scientific and industry meetings, new product updates, technical guidance, user forums, a Pinterest page, science-focused games and contests, giveaways, and other relevant topics. The portal is intended to serve chromatography users in a wide variety of fields, including the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, environmental testing, food and beverage, forensic, industrial and chemical industries.
“We are proud of our purpose-built MicroLiter products that make automated chromatography methods faster, easier, more accurate and more cost effective,” said Wayne L. Brinster, CEO and President of WHEATON. “Our Chromatography World portal invites visitors to ‘Separate from the Real World and Come Play in Ours,’ which captures the spirit of this lively new resource intended to both inform and entertain. The portal will be regularly updated and is designed to have an interactive component, so we invite all those who use chromatography to tour the site, sign up for some swag and contribute to what we hope will become a vital and valuable hub for the larger chromatography community.”
WHEATON’s MicroLiter unit supplies vials and consumables for the chromatography autosampler market. It offers clean room packaged vials, inserts, crimp seals, screw thread and snap caps with a variety of septa configurations ensuring that samples sustain minimal impact from the container. The patented MicroLiter Plate Sampling System allows users to prep samples using liquid handlers in a 96-well format and transfer the samples with minimal human interaction. MicroLiter supports all major brands of autosamplers, sample injectors, and liquid handlers, and its products are conveniently packaged in configurations that fit with the workflow of the wide variety of applications served.
To learn more about Chromatography World and WHEATON’s purpose-built solutions, visit Booth 313 at the 64th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics in San Diego, California, October 18-22, 2014. Company representatives will also be attending the Gulf Coast Conference in Galveston, TX October 14-15, 2014, the Society of Forensic Toxicologists Scientific Meeting in Grand Rapids, MI, October 19-24, 2014, and the Eastern Analytical Symposium & Exposition in Somerset, NJ, November 17-19, 2014, Booth 210.
Throughout its 125+ year history, WHEATON has been dedicated to supporting scientific advances and discovery by providing innovative solutions for the laboratory research, diagnostic, and specialty pharmaceutical industries. The company’s expertise in designing and manufacturing plastic and glass containers with a wide selection of closure systems and custom solutions ensures the secure storage and delivery of sensitive materials and precious biomedical specimens around the globe.