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WHEATON® Offers a Turnkey Solution for CHO Cell Bioproduction
WHEATON CELLineTM Bioreactor combined with an optimized CHO medium formulation by Irvine Scientific expedites small-scale antibody and protein production
August 6, 2013, Millville, NJ – WHEATON and Irvine Scientific have collaborated to introduce a high yield, small-scale solution for bioproduction. The solution consists of a WHEATON CELLine™ bioreactor flask paired with Irvine Scientific’s BalanCD™ CHO Growth A animal component-free, chemically-defined medium. Scientists may now quickly set up and perform small-scale antibody and protein production while decreasing the cost per milligram produced. This bundled product is available now from WHEATON and its extensive distributor network.
Antibodies and proteins for research and therapeutic purposes are typically produced in a modified cloned cell. The most widely used cells for in vitro production methods are Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells due to their stable gene expression, rapid growth, high protein production rate, and rich background of published data. The combination of a high-throughput bioreactor, an optimized medium formulation, and an easy to follow protocol for cultivating CHO cells, provides a highly productive development platform.
WHEATON CELLine™ Bioreactors provide an ideal growth environment for high-density cell cultures. Cells are separated from the bulk growth medium by a dialysis membrane that regulates the flow of nutrients and waste products to and from the cell chamber. The lower side of the cell chamber is made of a gas permeable membrane allowing continuous exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide promoting high-density cultures. CELLine™ bioreactor increases overall yields, and reduces use of consumables and production costs.
Irvine Scientific, a large-scale producer of advanced cell culture media, developed BalanCD™ CHO Growth A medium for optimum CHO cell growth and production. This particular formulation, in combination with the CELLine™ bioreactor yields antibody levels higher than conventional methods without the use of a mechanical shaker or agitation.
For information about the WHEATON CELLine™ Bioreactor with Irvine Scientific’s BalanCD™ CHO Growth A medium, you can visit www.WHEATON.com, email CELLine@WHEATON.com or to speak with a specialist, call 800.225.1437 in the USA, or 856.825.1100 for international callers.
Throughout its 125+ year history, WHEATON has been dedicated to supporting scientific advances and discovery by providing innovative solutions for the laboratory research, diagnostic, and specialty pharmaceutical industries. The company’s expertise in designing and manufacturing plastic and glass containers with a wide selection of closure systems and custom solutions ensures the secure storage and delivery of sensitive materials and precious biomedical specimens around the globe.