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The new WHEATON® R2P® 2.0 Roller System combines a new level of control with Ethernet
networking capabilities in numerous bottle rolling configurations.

WHEATON introduces a revolution in adherent cell culture equipment. The R2P 2.0 is the first touch screen, Ethernet
network-capable roller culture device for the vaccine and biologics industry.
Designed for robustness and ease of use, units
are fully configurable to meet demanding biopharmaceutical process requirements. WHEATON roller apparatus are used
worldwide for research and production of therapeutic antibodies, vaccines, proteins and cells.

The R2P 2.0 automatically controls and monitors the rotational speed of the cell culture bottles with a service-free, high
precision motor. A single apparatus can rotate up to 176 bottles. The settings on the R2P 2.0 are controlled through a color
touch screen that displays all prominent process parameters and system alarms. Parameters are accessed through readily
recognizable icons and changed through intuitive configuration screens. The units are also compatible with existing
networked WHEATON roller apparatus for plug and play backwards compatibility. The WHEATON R2P 2.0 also has a USB
downloadable internal event log file to record any parameter changes or alarm notifications. Available options for the R2P
2.0 include temperature sensors and automatic battery backup to ensure an optimal environment for cell growth.

Custom configurations are available to accommodate scientists with specific requirements. International customers can
specify country specific plug sets to assure electrical power supply is locally compatible. WHEATON offers a variety of
related equipment and consumables to support roller bottle cell culture.

“Careful cultivation of adherent cells in roller bottles demands a roller rack with the features we built-in to the R2P 2.0 Roller
System,” said Stephen R. Drozdow, president of WHEATON. “We strive to continually introduce advanced products with
features scientists tell us they want, which is a never ending challenge as technology continues to evolve…but
we’re up to it,” he added.

The WHEATON R2P 2.0 Roller Systems are viewable now at WHEATON’s new web community – simply go to
www.WHEATON.com to learn more. If you prefer to speak with someone at WHEATON, please call 800.225.1437 in the
USA, or 856.825.1100 for international callers.


WHEATON admires those people who devote their life to science. It’s this admiration that drives us to design and deliver
today’s most innovative solutions for the laboratory research, diagnostic packaging and specialty pharmaceuticals
industries. It’s this admiration that motivates us to offer the best customer service experience and most dependable
products in the industry. And, it’s with admiration that we stand behind those people who help move the world forward one
discovery, one sample at a time. The WHEATON name means more than a legacy of the highest quality products and
services; it stands for a commitment to honor the effort of all scientists... because it’s their life’s work.