Press Releases


October 30, 2014
WHEATON® Highlights Unique Products at AAPS 2014 Providing Purpose-Built Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Millville, NJ WHEATON® today highlighted several product lines designed to address specific needs of pharmaceutical industry customers that will be featured at the 2014 AAPS Annual Meeting. They include WHEATON’s High Recovery Vials, which are uniquely designed to reduce waste and enable easy retrieval of high value liquids without the need to overfill. The company is also highlighting its new line of DURAN® PURE glass containers, which are validation ready and notable for their highly consistent, technically reproducible and extremely durable properties. WHEATON is now the exclusive U.S. distributor of DURAN PURE products.
October 14, 2014
Millville, NJ – WHEATON® today announced the launch of Chromatography World, a new online resource designed to educate, inform and entertain users of chromatography, a widely-used set of technologies to separate out the individual components of complex mixtures. Chromatography World is a one-stop portal that includes news of relevant scientific and technological advances, information on scientific and industry meetings, new product updates, technical guidance, user forums, a Pinterest page, science-focused games and contests, giveaways, and other relevant topics. The portal is intended to serve chromatography users in a wide variety of fields, including the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, environmental testing, food and beverage, forensic, industrial and chemical industries.
July 24, 2014
WHEATON® Highlights Products at AACC 2014 Offering Unique Solutions for the Clinical Market
Millville, NJ WHEATON® today highlighted products to be featured at the 2014 AACC Annual Meeting that provide unique solutions addressing the specific needs of clinical laboratory and other clinical life sciences customers. These products showcase the company’s ongoing commitment to provide a range of distinctive products that provide solutions to the growing clinical testing sector..