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New WHEATON E-Z Traction®
Microtubes are ideal for automated sample handling and storage systems


Wheaton Science Products introduces the new E-Z Ex-Traction Glass MicroTubes which are precision engineered and
manufactured to tight tolerances to reduce the chance of failure in automated sample handling and storage systems.
The interior wall of the MicroTube transitions smoothly into the conical well at the bottom of the vial which prevents any
loss of material that might get trapped in irregular surfaces and corners. The constant shape and depth of the well
enables greater recovery of the sample by automated systems without concern for vial and needle damage. The smooth
sides and the patented flat bottom design enable each tube to be 2D bar coded. The finish of the microtubes at the top
is straight, not tapered as other glass microtubes on the market, which allows for better sealing of the stopper. The
Wheaton E-Z Ex-Traction MicroTubes are offered in a 96-well polypropylene rack with a locking lid. This format is
perfectly suited for use with automated storage and retrieval equipment and multichannel pipettes. Cap mats also
available separately. The new E-Z Ex-Traction Glass MicroTubes are offered with or without permanent 2D barcodes.
These barcodes are 100% readable and never duplicated ensuring perfect data management. The ceramic bar code
provides protection when using DMSO and other harsh chemicals. Wheaton Science Products is a division of Wheaton
Industries Inc. Wheaton is a fully integrated business offering a large product portfolio of commodity and leading edge
products and services for the pharmaceutical and life science R&D, diagnostic packaging, and specialty chemicals
market. Our products are used in the up-front stages of research and development and later in full scale production.