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Introducing the PluraScan™ 2D Barcode Reader for Biobanking Operations


This New device for scanning and reading 2D data matrix barcodes on multiple cryo tubes simultaneously through
open-bottom freezer boxes The advent of large-scale screening in biomedical laboratories has led to the generation
of vast quantities of samples requiring time and resource management. With this in mind, WHEATON, the company
that designs and delivers today’s most innovative solutions for the laboratory research, diagnostic packaging and
specialty pharmaceuticals industries, introduces the PluraScan. The new WHEATON PluraScan is a barcode scanner
designed to capture data stored as 2D data matrix barcodes on cryogenic storage vials, thus saving time while reducing
data entry errors. The PluraScan Barcode Reader comes with an out-of-the box software decoder system to import your
repository samples into the existing laboratory management software package of your choice. Capable of scanning up to
100 samples simultaneously, the PluraScan Barcode Reader can scan and read individual barcodes on each vial stored in
an open-bottom cryogenic storage box simply by placing the box on the scanner. A frost reduction system allows the
PluraScan Barcode Reader to scan up to 40 WHEATON KeepIT® 81 or 100 Boxes immediately after removal from ultra-low
temp storage (3,240 or 4,000 samples, respectively). The acquired, decoded 2D data are imported directly into most
laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and databases, ensuring a reliable method of storing, tracking and
retrieving sample vials. The PluraScan Barcode Reader scans 2D data from any vial or ampule, and is adaptable for use
with many different rack and box formats. It connects easily to a computer with a standard USB 2.0 interface and
integrates smoothly with Windows® operating systems. The WHEATON PluraScan reads barcodes from a wide range of
manufacturers and label printers, and outputs data directly to Microsoft® Excel® or to a customizable text file.