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Advanced Design Cryogenic Vials for Biostorage


Wheaton Science Products has recently introduced their CryoELITE™ line of polypropylene cryogenic vials which are
specifically designed for the failsafe cryopreservation of biospecimens for long-term storage and the efficient traceability
for future retrieval. To ensure maintenance of sample integrity during low temperature storage and shipping, CryoELITE
vials feature a vial and cap configuration that provides more surface contact that ensures an absolute seal to eliminate
leakage that would contaminate the sample. The seal created by the unique manufacturing design exceeds DOT and
IATA regulation standards by an average of 35% making them the superior choice for transport of valuable clinical
samples as well. To provide a unique identifier for traceability, the new Wheaton CryoELITE Cryogenic vials also feature
a permanent 2D Data Matrix bar coded bottom insert. The inserts are made from the same cryogenic radiation grade,
virgin polypropylene which ensures uniform thermal expansion over all working temperatures. This feature coupled with
a unique locking ridge prevents build up of liquid nitrogen and eliminates the risk of separation of the bar code insert
from the vial. The bottom format allows unrestricted viewing and efficient automated scanning. Wheaton CryoELITE
Cryogenic Vials offer a number of additional features that facilitate sample handling protocols. The EZ-Extraction
V-shaped internal bottom design ensures maximum sample retrieval for both automated and manual liquid handling
systems. A sturdy octagonal Loctagon™ vial skirt provides stability on the bench and can be locked into the CryoELITE
Benchmate™ rack to allow easy opening/closing with one hand leaving the operator’s other hand to be free for performing
other functions such as pipetting. Vial sizes include 1.2, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0 mL volume and each vial is graduated and
has a writing patch. All vials are batch certified DNase and RNase free, non-pyrogenic and endotoxin free and are available
sterile and non-sterile. Wheaton Science Products is a division of Wheaton Industries, Inc. Wheaton is a fully integrated
business offering a large product portfolio of laboratory glass and plastic ware and leading edge products and services for
the pharmaceutical and life science R&D, diagnostic packaging, and specialty chemicals market. Our products are used
in the up-front stages of research and development and later in full scale production. For more information, please visit
our website www.wheaton.com or contact Wheaton Science Products Customer or Technical Service at 800-225-1437
or 856-825-1100, Fax: 856-825-9035