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WHEATON Opens European Warehouse


Marking a dramatic shift from the way it has done business in the past,
Wheaton, a leading provider of quality products and services for the laboratory research, diagnostic
packaging, and specialty pharmaceutical industries, has begun shipping products to European customers
from a new supply chain service provider located in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. This exciting new
logistics strategy is a significant investment for Wheaton and is expected to greatly improve the delivery
and pricing of Wheaton products throughout Europe.

Early in 2010 Wheaton began to explore the possibility of stocking products in Europe in a concerted
effort to better service their European customers by improving lead times and helping customers to save
on the high costs associated with shipping product from the USA. After extensive research, Wheaton
chose to partner with a world-class operation from a leading global supply chain services provider for the
storage and shipment of products out of their Netherlands logistics center.
Already well known for its customer-centric approach, Wheaton believes that this collaboration with its
global partner will further provide the opportunity to strengthen relationships with its European customer
base, cultivate new business relationships, and to enhance the Wheaton brand and customer service
experience abroad. The Wheaton products portfolio is currently housed at the 160,000 square foot
(14,685 m3) facility with room for future expansion.
“The Wheaton motto has always been to continue ‘Being Incredibly Easy to Do Business With’ – we even
have a large banner in our offices that reads exactly that,” says Stephen Drozdow, President / CEO of
Wheaton. “With our newly established manufacturing base in the UK – and now added logistics support in
the Netherlands – we are committed to living up to that motto. Our global business has always been in
place to support the work of scientists in Europe, and we will continue working to achieve an even better
customer experience now and into the future,” he added.
For more information, please visit http://www.wheaton.com or contact Wheaton at 800.225.1437 in the
USA, or 856.825.1100 for international callers.


Wheaton is dedicated to providing quality products and services for the laboratory research, diagnostic
packaging, and specialty pharmaceutical industries. Throughout its 120+ year history Wheaton products
have been present when the greatest discoveries and advances in science were accomplished. Whether
it is scientific research, diagnostic test kit packaging, or vaccine production the Wheaton brand represents
quality, reliability and trust. Wheaton is proud to be there when the scientists, packagers and the leading
pharmaceutical and life sciences companies of the world say, “Because It’s my life’s work…I trust the
Wheaton standard.