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Socorex Acura® electro Pipettes – New Premium Comfort and Precision from WHEATON
A portfolio of electronic pipettes designed to make pipetting more versatile, simpler and safer than ever.


Researchers appreciate a pipette that is comfortable to hold and easy to use. Delivering on that promise, WHEATON, the
company that designs and delivers today’s most innovative solutions for the laboratory research, diagnostic packaging and
specialty pharmaceuticals industries, announces the availability of a new line of electronic pipettes. Introducing Acura
electro Pipettes, ergonomically engineered electronic pipettes designed to provide researchers with the highest level of
comfort and precision.

The Acura electro Pipette product line consists of three models for an extended range of sample handling performance. The
Acura electro 926X model comprises seven micropipettes, ranging in volumes from 0.1 to 1000μL; the 936 models includes
three macropipettes with volumes ranging from 0.1 to 10mL; and, the Acura electro 956 offers eight multichannel pipettes
with dispensing volumes from 0.5 to 350μL in 8- or 12-channel configurations. A unique feature of the electro line is that one
control unit is capable of fitting on to any one of 27 volumetric assemblies, making electronic pipetting more affordable.
Each microprocessor-controlled pipette features a lightweight design for maximum hand comfort and control.

Intuitive interface. Programming one of the six working modes is easy with intuitive software control. The modes include
Forward, Reverse, Stepper, Dilute, Mixing and Tactile. The new Tactile mode simplifies gel loading and makes titration
possible using a micropipette. Display information is reversible for right or left side reading.

User-friendly. Tedious calibration procedures become obsolete with its swift-set user calibration system. Other user-friendly
features include a pipetting cycle counter, an audible beep for switching on or off, a reduced shaft length on Acura electro
926XS micropipettes up to 1000μL, and the ability of the volumetric module to be autoclaved at 121°C.

Easy tip ejection. The patented JustipTM height adjustment system permits for the optimal fitting and ejection of a wide
selection of tips, and tip ejection becomes easier than ever due to the low-pressure activation button.

Energy smart. When the pipettes remain unused, they automatically go into energy saving stand-by mode. The removable
nickel metal hydride battery pack can be charged quickly on the convenient stand, which serves as a charging station.
And battery charge level is clearly visible on the liquid crystal display.

Quality and compliance. Acura electro pipettes are supplied with individual QC certificates, attesting to the strict factory
control and excellent performance values obtained. Manufactured in conformance with ISO 8655, IVD 98/79 EEC directives and
CE safety guidelines, Acura pipettes are suitable for use in laboratories that observe international quality standards such
as current Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). Each pipette comes with a two-year warranty.

“Working as we do with scientists and researchers, we felt the Acura electro electronic pipette was outstanding in meeting
their needs for practical, useful management of their life’s work: the samples they work with everyday,” says Stephen R.
Drozdow, president of WHEATON. “The Acura electro pipette represents a new generation in electronic pipetting,” he added.


WHEATON is the exclusive North American supplier for the Acura line of Socorex pipette products. For more information,please visit http://www.WHEATON.com or contact WHEATON at 800.225.1437 in the USA, or 856.825.1100 for international callers.


WHEATON admires those people who devote their life to science. It’s this admiration that drives us to design and deliver today’s most innovative solutions for the laboratory research, diagnostic packaging and specialty pharmaceuticals industries. It’s this admiration that motivates us to offer the best customer service experience and most dependable products in the industry. And, it’s with admiration that we stand behind those people who help move the world forward one discovery, one sample at a time.

The WHEATON name means more than a legacy of the highest quality products and services; it stands for a commitment to honor the effort of all scientists... because it’s their life’s work.