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Reduce Hand Fatigue and Improve Productivity with the new WHEATON Crimpenstein
Electric Crimper/Decapper
Wheaton Science Products introduces the new Crimpenstein Electric Crimper/Decapper.
This lightweight, semi-automatic product is ideal for laboratories that crimp or decap large volumes of aluminum seals. Its
ergonomic design also helps to reduce hand fatigue caused by the use of manual crimpers and decappers.
The Crimpenstein is available with a choice of four different size crimper or decapper jaws (8, 11, 13 and 20
mm). The ability to quickly change between different sizes or between crimping and decapping offers an
unmatched level of flexibility and economy for applications where various sizes of aluminum seals are required.
The Crimpenstein features an adjustable jaw intensity which allows the user to regulate jaw action as required to
achieve the perfect crimp. A memory feature also retains the last crimp setting when changing from decapping back
to crimping. Since it is AC powered (electric), there is no need for regulated compressed air or batteries which discharge
over time. A sturdy stand is available which will hold the Crimpenstein in a fixed vertical position for operations where vials
need to be handled one at a time. Wheaton Science Products is a division of Wheaton Industries Inc. Wheaton is a fully
integrated business offering a large product portfolio of commodity and leading edge products and services for the
pharmaceutical and life science R&D, diagnostic packaging, and specialty chemicals market. Our products are used in
up-front stages of research and development and later in full scale production.