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custom glass Surface Deactivation Critical Cleaning #Bar coding terminology

We use USP or WFI purified water, HEPA filtering and package items in certified class 100/10 cleanrooms to remove trace organics, trace inorganics, volatile organics and organic carbon residues.

WHEATON can deliver glass containers and accessories with endotoxin levels of less than 0.06 EU/mL with full documentation and certification, and we can provide a special Type I glass vial with a special additive that will prevent the glass from turning brown when gamma radiated.

Critical Cleaning

• Low particulate cleaning

• Depyrogenation, which reduces endotoxin content

• Chemical cleaning for trace analysis

• Sterilization (E-beam and gamma irradiation, autoclaving, dry heat)

• Water for Injection (WFI) rinse (or cleaning)

• Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Process

• Class 1000: Container and closure without washing treatment

• Class 2000: Container and closure cleaned and assembled

• Class 3000: Container and closure cleaned, assembled and quality assurance analyzed

List of Certifications Available

• Certificate of Analysis, TOC

• Certificate of Analysis, Endotoxin

• Certificate of Analysis, Particles

• Certificate of Process

• Certificate of Sterility/USP

• Certification of Compliance

• Selected Testing by USP Methods

• Materials Certification

Custom Packaging Configurations

• Individual or multi-unit clean room bags

• Single or double bagged

• Autoclaved bagging in clean room bags (closures only)

• Autoclaved bagging (single, double or triple bagged))

• Anti-static tray pack with shrink-wrap

In order to provide you the best service possible, contact WHEATON early in the process to see what steps we can remove from your process to save you valuable time and money.

For more information on WHEATON Customized Services, contact our customized service solution representative at 800-225-1437 x2768.