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custom glass Surface Deactivation Critical Cleaning #Bar coding terminology

Surface treatment refers to a process by which the entire surface of a container is deactivated via silanization or siliconization. The coating provides a protective barrier between the contents and the glass, eliminating active sites on the glass that could potentially react with its contents. Using vapor phase deposition for silanization or siliconization coating to lubricate and protect against alkalinization, we ensure containers are properly prepared for your procedures. Siliconization is ideal for serum vials and containers used to store pH sensitive samples.

Silanized vials are used to reduce the adsorption of polar compounds onto the surface of the glass container. It also helps to avoid alkalinization of contents, which may occur as carbonates leach from the glass with normal “weathering”. Autosampler vials treated with silanization improve sample recovery. WHEATON frequently silanizes vials and vial inserts for customers using analytical techniques.

WHEATON can customize a bar code solution to meet your specific application. If you need a different material for the bar code, need a specific color to enhance identification or even a different size or shape, the engineers at WHEATON can meet your requirements. From simple pressure sensitive labels to tamper evident bar codes to direct marked containers, our engineers can develop and provide the bar code to fit your application, while guaranteeing no duplicate numbers and sequence integrity.

Silanization and Siliconization

A variety of symbologies and materials are available to provide unique identification solutions for biotech, pharmaceutical and compound storage facilities.

• Uniquely numbered and bar coded to fit your application

• 100% scannable

• Choice of symbologies

• Packaged and sequentially numbered to your specifications

Serum Vials and pH Sensitive Storage

Silanization lubricates the vial and protects against alkalinization.

Certificates of Conformance

Available based on customer requirements.

For more information on WHEATON Customized Services, contact our customized service solution representative at 800-225-1437 x2768.