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custom glass Surface Deactivation Critical Cleaning #Bar coding terminology

SciLutions® Customized Services can provide you with pre-weighed containers. Taring ensures that the amount of material in the container can be accurately measured at any given time.

WHEATON is proud to offer this service, eliminating the extra step of pre-weighing in the lab. Weights for each container are recorded to the accuracy of ±0.2 milligrams. The results are summarized in the form of a spreadsheet allowing for each and every container to be fully traceable. This spreadsheet can accompany the product and/or be sent independently via email. Bar coding is recommended when taring for proper weight identification.

Eliminate extra steps in the lab

A variety of symbologies and materials are available to provide unique identification solutions for biotech, pharmaceutical and compound storage facilities.

• Pre-weighed containers

• Traceability documentation

• Accuracy to ±0.2 milligrams

For more information on WHEATON SciLutions® Customized Services, contact our customized service solution representative at 800-225-1437 x2768.